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ZPMC won bid for the design and construction of 1000-ton self-elevating wind power installation vessel on October 17, which was with the largest lifting capacity ZPMC ever constructed. In the meanwhile, hydraulic jacking-up system ZPMC developed was first sold out in the project.

The vessel integrates hoisting, pilling and installation into one, its operation water depth can reach 40 meters. With domestic first-class lifting capacity and advanced jacking-up system, the vessel is professional operation platform in offshore wind power market and contributes to improving operation efficiency and lowering the cost after it puts into production.

In the project, ZPMC sold out hydraulic jacking-up system for the first time, which is the second type jacking-up system ZPMC independently developed, applying to all kinds of engineering vessels such as self-elevating drilling platform, wind power installation vessel and so forth. The system uses cylindrical pile legs, whose maximum lifting capacity is 3500 tons and maximum bearing stress is 7000 tons. Compared with gear-rack jacking-up system, new system has longer lifetime and higher reliability, and can be widely used in engineering vessel and accommodation platform which frequently rises and falls.

In wind power market, ZPMC had successfully delivered 2 professional wind power installation equipments, which were respectively 800-ton wind power installation vessel and 800-ton wind power installation platform. The 2 equipments, with good performance, had been put into use in Rudong offshore wind farm at present. Besides, ZPMC developed double-deck hydraulic multi-function embracing pile implement with complete intellectual property rights, breaking foreign technology monopoly and laying solid technical foundation for large-scale offshore wind power construction