ZPMC Wins Bid for the project of 1000-ton Self-elevating Wind Power Installation Vessel

ZPMC won bid for the design and construction of 1000-ton self-elevating wind power installation vessel on October 17, which was with the largest lifting capacity ZPMC ever constructed. In the meanwhile, hydraulic jacking-up system ZPMC developed was first sold out in the project.

The vessel integrates hoisting, pilling and installation into one, its operation water depth can reach 40 meters. With domestic first-class lifting capacity and advanced jacking-up system, the vessel is professional operation platform in offshore wind power market and contributes to improving operation efficiency and lowering the cost after it puts into production.

In the project, ZPMC sold out hydraulic jacking-up system for the first time, which is the second type jacking-up system ZPMC independently developed, applying to all kinds of engineering vessels such as self-elevating drilling platform, wind power installation vessel and so forth. The system uses cylindrical pile legs, whose maximum lifting capacity is 3500 tons and maximum bearing stress is 7000 tons. Compared with gear-rack jacking-up system, new system has longer lifetime and higher reliability, and can be widely used in engineering vessel and accommodation platform which frequently rises and falls.

In wind power market, ZPMC had successfully delivered 2 professional wind power installation equipments, which were respectively 800-ton wind power installation vessel and 800-ton wind power installation platform. The 2 equipments, with good performance, had been put into use in Rudong offshore wind farm at present. Besides, ZPMC developed double-deck hydraulic multi-function embracing pile implement with complete intellectual property rights, breaking foreign technology monopoly and laying solid technical foundation for large-scale offshore wind power construction


ZPMC Singed Strategic Partnership Agreement with ABB on Ocean Booster Station Project

ZPMC singed strategic partnership agreement with ABB on ocean booster station project on October 17. Song Hailiang, Vice President of CCCC, General Manager of the Unit of Equipment Manufacturing and Heavy Marine Equipment, Chairman, Party Secretary and President of ZPMC, and Gu Chunyuan, Global Vice President and China President of ABB Group, attended signing ceremony.

Ocean booster station, whose main function is to gather electric current transported by wind driven generator, and then send voltage to onshore control center after driving voltage up to 110KV or 220KV, is key facilities in offshore wind farm. The station integrated with machinery, electric and hydraulic pressure, and debugging installation is difficult. Besides, it is high-value-added product and needs overall manufacturing and transportation. At present, research in the field is in a fledging period in China.

Song Hailiang said that offshore wind farm project was important business as well as prepotent business of ZPMC. ZPMC owns professional ability of design and manufacturing in marine engineering market, and takes the leading position in large heavy and special product especially in drilling platform, wind farm and so on. Ocean booster station, as high-end offshore engineering project, conforms with development strategy of ZPMC. With the help of ABB and other partners, ZPMC will give full play to its advantage, and complete design, steel manufacture, debugging and installation, offshore construction, after-sale service and so on.

The agreement between ZPMC and ABB is of great importance to opening new construction mode of inland ocean booster station. Both ZPMC and ABB will rely on respective advantages to promote the development of ocean booster station, making contribution to domestic energy environmental protection.

ZPMC Wins the Bidding of German Wind Power Project

ZPMC signed the construction contract with European Energy Company on wind power transition pile on October 29, being of great importance to opening up Europe wind power market and accumulating construction experience.

Transition pile, whose main function is to connect blower and motor assembly with foundation pile, is important constituent part of wind power single pile. The total weight of the transition pile is about 195 tons, which will be started in November, 2014. The production cycle is 4 months, and ZPMC takes charge in material purchase, manufacture, coating and subsidiary structure installation.

Song Hailiang Attended Hamburg Summit during His Visit to Europe

Not long ago, Mr. Song Hailiang, Vice President of CCCC, General Manager of the Unit of Equipment Manufacturing and Heavy Marine Equipment, Chairman, Party Secretary and President of ZPMC attended the sixth Hamburg Summit of China-Europe Forum and gave a speech. As the only representative of the delegation of Chinese entrepreneurs, Song Hailiang was received by Premier Li Keqiang, who also attended the Hamburg Summit of China-Europe Forum, as well as had a cordial talk with Premier Li Keqiang. During his visit to Europe, Song Hailiang also paid visits to important members of the government and clients, and investigated the subsidiary company of ZPMC in Germany.

From 10th to 11th, November, the sixth Hamburg Summit of China-Europe Forum with the theme of “China meets Europe” was held in Hamburg, Germany. On the first day of the summit, Song Hailiang took part in the group discussion on “More Chinese investment in Europe – Challenge and opportunity”, and delivered a speech as a guest on the forum. He introduced to the representatives the developments of CCCC and ZPMC with full analyses and explanations of the investment opportunity for enterprises as well as existing risks and advice on their developments, which had attracted wide attention from the guests on the forum.

Song Hailiang was warmly received by Premier Li Keqiang at this summit. Premier Li Keqiang affirmed the development of ZPMC and expressed his hope that ZPMC would further develop, so as to improve the global influence of China’s equipment manufacturing.

On the noon of 11th, November, at the invitation of Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, Song Hailiang attended the closing luncheon and later also the dinner as an important guest. Participants on the same table included Chinese representatives Premier Li Keqiang, Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Li Yizhong, Chairman of the China Federation of Industrial Economics (the former Minister of Industry and Information Technology) as well as foreign representatives of Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg and Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German Foreign Minister, etc. Song Hailiang introduced the latest developments of CCCC and ZPMC to all the distinguished politicians and entrepreneurs and made exchanges with them. Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg, gave praise to the port machinery of ZPMC and expressed his hope that ZPMC could keep its leading position in maritime work and other emerging areas as well as make fruitful achievements.

During his stay in Europe, Song Hailiang met with Mr. Yang Chuantang, Minister of Transport, who was then visiting Berlin. He introduced the main situation and the development ideas of CCCC and ZPMC to Minister Yang Chuantang, and expressed his hope that Minister Yang Chuantang would visit CCCC and ZPMC. Minister Yang Chuantang highly affirmed the impressive results CCCC and ZPMC had achieved and hoped they could continue to better expand their overseas business through effective use of Chinese enterprises and all resources.

Song Hailiang also led a delegation to Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, Governor of the State of Hamburg, Vice Mayor of the City of Hamburg and President and all the members of Parliament of Suffolk County, London, UK. Song Hailiang extended gratitude to Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, one of the oldest of its kind in Europe with a long history, for its continuous support to the company. Fritz Horst Melsheimer, President of Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, said they would promote the expansion of ZPMC in Europe with committed efforts and seek for more economical support in policies from the government. Olaf Scholz, Governor of the State of Hamburg, on behalf of Hamburg City, thanked ZPMC for its remarkable contributions to the economy of Hamburg, such as a total amount of 43 port cranes offered to Hamburg City. As a port city, Hamburg sees almost one third of its population dedicated to port-related work. Mr. Song Hailiang expressed thanks for the support of Hamburg City and said ZPMC would further expand the market of Hamburg, Germany. During his visit to the parliament of Suffolk County, London, UK, both sides exchanged opinions and had an in-depth discussion on issues such as the establishment of a new subsidiary company of ZPMC in UK.

During his stay in Germany, Song Hailiang paid visits to various clients and potential partners, including HHLA Group, the biggest container handler in Hamburg, the Port of Bremerhaven in Germany, which boasts the longest bank in the world, the TÜV Nord Group, Siemens AG, and the Port of Felixstowe, the busiest container port in UK. Song Hailiang met with seniors on the clients’ side, presented them the current development of ZPMC, learned further about the clients’ needs and requirements for the products, and exchanged opinions with them on the areas of future cooperation.

In Germany, Song Hailiang visited employees of the subsidiary company of ZPMC in Germany and listened to the work report by the German subsidiary company. He highly affirmed the achievements made by the German subsidiary company since its establishment, encouraging the German subsidiary company to intensify development in major fields. Song Hailiang also visited the after-sales service team of ZPMC in Hamburg, expressing sincere thanks to the overseas employees for their hard work.

During Song Hailiang’s visit in Europe, NDR Fernsehen, a famous German media, had an exclusive interview with Mr. Song Hailiang, further enhancing the company’s brand reputation in the world.

The First Automated Container Terminal Was Put into Trial Operation in China

On 19th, December, Xiamen Ocean Gate Automated Container Terminal, in which all the equipments were supplied by ZPMC, was put into trial operation.

As central control center sent out start-up instruction, container crane immediately started and efficiently grasped the first container, and then the container was transferred to automated yard by AGV and automated RMG. According to the instruction, the container was placed at setting site.

The designed handling capacity of Xiamen Ocean Gate Automated Container Terminal is 780000-910000 TEU per year. The system is driven by power supply, thus solving the problem of noise, blowdown and pollution of traditional terminal. Compared with traditional terminal, energy saving of the new automated terminal reduces by more than 25%, while carbon emission reduces by more than 16%. ZPMC supplied the whole set equipments of the automated terminal, including 3 twin-trolley cranes, 16 RMGs, 18 AGVs and automated control system.

Deepwater Heavy Lifting Pipe-laying Vessel Starts to Construct

Recently, 5000-ton deepwater heavy lifting pipe-laying vessel ZPMC made for Petrofac Company in UK started to construct in Changxing Branch. The vessel is equipped with J-Lay and S-Lay, it is the first time for domestic shipyard to install and debug J-Lay pipe-laying system.

With a total length of 210.34 meters, a width of 49 meters, a depth of 22.4 meters, the vessel is equipped with 5000-ton fully revolving crane and DP3 dynamic positioning system. In the meanwhile, it has 2 pipe-laying ways with wide operation area. At present, J-Lay、S-Lay and R-Lay are the 3 main pipe-laying ways of heavy lifting pipe-laying vessel in the world. However, vessel with single S-Lay pipe-laying way is popular in China. In the project, ZPMC would install J-Lay pipe-laying system for the first time, and would be the first manufacturer with the ability to install J-Lay pipe-laying system in China.

In 2009, ZPMC delivered the domestic first heavy lifting pipe-laying vessel; in 2010, ZPMC achieved first export of domestic pipe-laying vessel. Until now, ZPMC had delivered 8 heavy lifting pipe-laying vessels. ZPMC also developed key parts and components of pipe-laying vessel, and made breakthrough in high-power propeller, dynamic positioning system, and heavy positioning windlass.

Petrofac Company, with its headquarters in UK, is international top-ranking oil and natural gas engineering company. It turned to marine engineering in recent years, the project was its first large engineering vessel in marine business.