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On 19th, December, Xiamen Ocean Gate Automated Container Terminal, in which all the equipments were supplied by ZPMC, was put into trial operation.

As central control center sent out start-up instruction, container crane immediately started and efficiently grasped the first container, and then the container was transferred to automated yard by AGV and automated RMG. According to the instruction, the container was placed at setting site.

The designed handling capacity of Xiamen Ocean Gate Automated Container Terminal is 780000-910000 TEU per year. The system is driven by power supply, thus solving the problem of noise, blowdown and pollution of traditional terminal. Compared with traditional terminal, energy saving of the new automated terminal reduces by more than 25%, while carbon emission reduces by more than 16%. ZPMC supplied the whole set equipments of the automated terminal, including 3 twin-trolley cranes, 16 RMGs, 18 AGVs and automated control system.