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Recently, 5000-ton deepwater heavy lifting pipe-laying vessel ZPMC made for Petrofac Company in UK started to construct in Changxing Branch. The vessel is equipped with J-Lay and S-Lay, it is the first time for domestic shipyard to install and debug J-Lay pipe-laying system.

With a total length of 210.34 meters, a width of 49 meters, a depth of 22.4 meters, the vessel is equipped with 5000-ton fully revolving crane and DP3 dynamic positioning system. In the meanwhile, it has 2 pipe-laying ways with wide operation area. At present, J-Lay、S-Lay and R-Lay are the 3 main pipe-laying ways of heavy lifting pipe-laying vessel in the world. However, vessel with single S-Lay pipe-laying way is popular in China. In the project, ZPMC would install J-Lay pipe-laying system for the first time, and would be the first manufacturer with the ability to install J-Lay pipe-laying system in China.

In 2009, ZPMC delivered the domestic first heavy lifting pipe-laying vessel; in 2010, ZPMC achieved first export of domestic pipe-laying vessel. Until now, ZPMC had delivered 8 heavy lifting pipe-laying vessels. ZPMC also developed key parts and components of pipe-laying vessel, and made breakthrough in high-power propeller, dynamic positioning system, and heavy positioning windlass.

Petrofac Company, with its headquarters in UK, is international top-ranking oil and natural gas engineering company. It turned to marine engineering in recent years, the project was its first large engineering vessel in marine business.

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