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ZPMC singed strategic partnership agreement with ABB on ocean booster station project on October 17. Song Hailiang, Vice President of CCCC, General Manager of the Unit of Equipment Manufacturing and Heavy Marine Equipment, Chairman, Party Secretary and President of ZPMC, and Gu Chunyuan, Global Vice President and China President of ABB Group, attended signing ceremony.

Ocean booster station, whose main function is to gather electric current transported by wind driven generator, and then send voltage to onshore control center after driving voltage up to 110KV or 220KV, is key facilities in offshore wind farm. The station integrated with machinery, electric and hydraulic pressure, and debugging installation is difficult. Besides, it is high-value-added product and needs overall manufacturing and transportation. At present, research in the field is in a fledging period in China.

Song Hailiang said that offshore wind farm project was important business as well as prepotent business of ZPMC. ZPMC owns professional ability of design and manufacturing in marine engineering market, and takes the leading position in large heavy and special product especially in drilling platform, wind farm and so on. Ocean booster station, as high-end offshore engineering project, conforms with development strategy of ZPMC. With the help of ABB and other partners, ZPMC will give full play to its advantage, and complete design, steel manufacture, debugging and installation, offshore construction, after-sale service and so on.

The agreement between ZPMC and ABB is of great importance to opening new construction mode of inland ocean booster station. Both ZPMC and ABB will rely on respective advantages to promote the development of ocean booster station, making contribution to domestic energy environmental protection.