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ZPMC Lanka Company (Private) Limited; the joint venture between Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Company Limited of China and Access Engineering PLC, is recently awarded the contract for offloading installation and commissioning of three used Ship-to-Shore (STS)cranes at Gwadar International terminal Limited (GITL) in Pakistan.

Gwadar International Terminal Limited (GITL) which is a subsidiary of China Overseas Port holding Company (COPHC) has imported 03 units of used ZMPC STS cranes which were originally manufactured by Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Company (ZPMC) in 1996, from Long Beach, California. The designing, planning and supplementation of parts were awarded to ZPMC while the offloading; modifications, testing and commissioning of 03 STS cranes were awarded to ZMPC Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.

The scope of the project includes few major modifications. The modifications are upgrading of the existing 5 kV high voltage system to 11kV system in order the match the local standards at Pakistan, modifying the existing power collecting bus bar system to a cable reel system, and the modifying the existing 30.48m rail track span to a 30m rail track of GITL along with the seaside gantry structure to meet the specification of GITL rail track system.

The project which is scheduled to be completed within four months is the first project of this nature to be initiated in South Asian Region and the second project to be awarded by GITL to ZPMC Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.  A well qualified and experienced set of Chinese and Sri Lankan technical experts are currently engaged in the project with the intention to increase the port crane capacities of Gwadar International Terminal.